About Allure

Design, Elegance, Craftsmanship, Innovation, Professionalism and competence

Allure Yachts is a project made up of people, stories and stories that are intertwined. An ambitious idea, which began a long time ago, which has finally taken shape, thanks to the passion and professionalism that for more than twenty years have united, in the field of recreational boating and shipbuilding, two businessmen and an engineer. of design, lovers of his work.
Strengthen Allure Yachts, the combination of different experiences and identities, which converge in a single mission: the start of a new challenge in the field of yacht construction. A dream capable of combining passion and competence, at the service of the most demanding customers in search of the right balance between innovation, practicality and elegance. Elements attributable to the term Allure, that is, elegant, classy, from which the brand takes its name, which focuses on refinement, comfort and high performance.
Not surprisingly, "fascinate and conquer" is both the brand's motto and the main objective that accompanies its vision. Much more important than a mere business.

Professionalism and expertise

Allure Yachts is the result of the evolution and transformation of a business activity founded in 2008 as a small studio carried out by the engineer Maurizio Marzocca, who has always been active in the Campania region, reconciling various areas of interest.
Transversal skills, which have opened up the most disparate scenarios for him, without this preventing him from focusing his attention on the nautical and naval sector, which has always been his greatest passion.

An immeasurable love that, combined with the right degree of initiative, has made Engineer Marzocca take the first step to concentrate on the even deeper study of the sector and thus specialize in the design of commercial units, ships, yachts, boats. .for work and pleasure. Activity, which soon allowed it to establish itself as an appreciable reference for the main Italian shipyards.

But it will be 2018, with the construction of the Canelli Revolutio 39′, to mark the turning point: the birth of a beautiful synergy between the engineer Marzocca and the partners of the shipyard or the entrepreneurs Raffaele Vitiello and Raffaele Donnarumma, who have a consolidated experience in the services sector for recreational boating and shipbuilding. The activity began in 1995, a historically golden age for the sector.

The meeting between the three entrepreneurs from Campania is as lucky as it is propitious and preparatory for the birth of a new and innovative project, a melting pot of different experiences and paths, capable of offering integrated management between Planning, Design and Services in the nautical sector. . A beautiful reality, which has already become, in the space of a couple of years, an important point of reference for sailors, shipowners, individuals, shipyards and yards. In Italy and abroad.

First objective achieved together: the construction, from an existing hull, of a 34-foot boat, on behalf of a Calabrian company.

A complete success, despite the tight deadlines available and the awareness of entering the market as a shipyard proposing own boats. Despite everything, the goal was fully achieved and Allure Yachts has managed to marry in a completely new way, shaping exclusive boats, reflecting tastes and ideals of habitability, combined with leisure and the desire to spend your free time in the sea, in complete relaxation.

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